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Help Out

SWTU is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. All of the activities you see across this website happen because people are giving their time and talent to make a difference. From taking pictures to wielding a chainsaw to teaching a skill or even just being a friendly face at an event … there are countless opportunities where you can make a difference.

Every event or activity includes a contact you can reach out to if you have an interest in that area. You can also contact any of our volunteer leaders.

Join the SWTU Stream Team

Improve those cold water fisheries with the sweat of your brow (and other parts). These happen in the spring and fall … work might range from lopping/stacking brush for burning to planting trees and native grasses. Check the posts for upcoming work days.

Event support

Whether a major conference like the Icebreaker, staffing the booth at the Fishing Expo or Canoecopia, or just doing event setup, teardown, and the like, many hands make light work. Watch for upcoming events and reach out to the organizer to find out what help is needed. The monthly chapter meeting is another great place to learn about what’s coming up and what help is needed.


You know more than you think you know … and you can pass that along to help people find success in our sport (which has a heck of a learning curve!). You don’t need to be a “pro” … just have some experience and a willingness to help others along the way.