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Fly Tying

Nothing beats the satisfaction of catching a fish on a fly you tied. That’s why SWTU offers several resources to inspire and educate you on how to create your very own fish-catchers.

Fly Tying Classes

Each winter, experienced fly tying instructors teach beginning and intermedi­ate level courses in both Fitchburg and Sun Prai­rie. Classes consist of instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on tutorials. The courses are free of charge, and all materials needed in class are provided.  You need only supply the tools and thread. Registration for 2018 classes will open in December. 

Fly Tying Videos

Recorded at the fly tying classes, these videos will help you explore new materials, techniques and flies. The instructors are local masters and the flies are proven across Wisconsin’s Driftless Area (and beyond!). Sit back, watch, learn and then try your hand at one of these terrific patterns.

Rusty Dunn: Flies that Time Forgot

An SWTU institution, Rusty Dunn has been sharing terrific stories about some of the greatest flies (and fly fishers) in our sport’s history. More than just a great story, you’ll get the recipe for the fly and a photo to help guide you in creating your own.