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You know more than you think you know … and you can pass that along to help people find success in our sport (which has a heck of a learning curve!). You don’t need to be a “pro” … just have some experience and a willingness to help others along the way.

“Guide” knowledge

To be very clear … we are not looking for you to serve as a professional guide. It’s just helping people find their way along a stream and maybe providing that nugget of know-how that will help them hook into a jumpy, beautiful trout.

Some of the more “set” opportunities are listed here, but others certainly come up.

Monthly Chapter Meeting

Many of the presenters at our Monthly Chapter Meeting are “amateurs” sharing details on a trip they took, a part of the state they know well or a particular set of techniques they’d like to share. If you have something you’d like to share, contact the chapter Vice President.

Fly Tying Instruction

Our free fly tying classes are staffed by volunteers. You can help out at classes, lead them or even just offer up a favorite pattern you are good at tying/teaching and instruct on that for one class.